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DJ AM Dead. When the Torment Becomes Too Much.


dj-am-deadWhen a gifted man can’t bring himself from the edge.


It’s been making the rounds that DJ AM aka – Adam Michael Goldstein, was found deceased yesterday at his apartment, the probable result of a lethal dose of prescription drugs and crack cocaine (oh the fun…). Heralded as one of the world’s best dj’s DJ and once involved with reality TV star Nicole RICHIE DJ AM had been struggling for years with on and off addiction.

Having survived a private plane crash last September that unfortunately killed four others DJ AM was going through his private hell and perhaps this is all that was necessary for the young man – who died at 36 to set him off into despair and straddling his demons.

Earning up to $25 000 a night at times, one would think that DJ AM was beyond it all, but we think and always knew otherwise. They say a brilliant mind is usually a tortured soul and that may be true.

With the downtown set grieving, you have to ask yourself isn’t this just a senseless death and why wasn’t there someone he could parlay his concerns? Perhaps this will heed as a warning for those of us who venture into the dark side. Of course the irony is the man was probably a dj genius simply for his capacity to go to the dark side and come back out.

Celebrity and brilliance sometimes go hand in hand but once in a while the trip to the dark side is a one way trip.

Waiting for the madness to stop and the talent to flourish. What’s the kicker in all those drugs?

DJ AM joins Michael Jackson, Dash Snow and Will Mays – a recent list of who couldn’t hold on…