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Oh really? Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray claims cramped jail cell is killing him.

Conrad Murray during better days.
Conrad Murray during better days.

So why aren’t they serving Conrad Murray cream puffs and lavender tea in jail….?

Seems like former Michael Jacksondoctor, Conrad Murray is having a hard time of it serving out his  4 year prison sentence since been convicted of involuntary manslaughter over the death of his former client.

According to the nydailynews, Murray’s lawyers are not too happy with their clients conditions in jail, arguing that the cramped conditions aren’t doing Murray (who stands at 6’5”) any favors.

Forced to live in a 5 by 7 ft jail with 2 hours of daily exercise as described in a rooftop ‘cage’ on Mondays, Murrays lawyers are now lobbying for better conditions for their client.

Says lawyer Michael Flanagan: “He’s being housed like a piece of veal. He can’t even do jumping jacks in his cell. The bed takes up three feet, and there’s a toilet in there too. It’s awful what they’re doing to him.”

Of course the obvious countering to that argument is that jail isn’t suppose to be the Ritz Carlton and is meant to be inhibiting so as to keep potential offenders from doing crime in the first place, although that argument might not fly too well in places like Norway where prisoners are often provided with what many would argue to be exceptional ‘staying’ facilities.

But there may be legitimate concern for Murray after he was rushed to hospital earlier this week after it was feared he might die from blood clots in his legs.

Yet if Murray’s lawyers think he is getting the short end of the stick (no pun intended) County Sheriff department spokesperson Nicole Nishida offers otherwise:

“People over at the jail did speak with him today, and he’s alive and receiving proper medical treatment. He’s receiving really good treatment in fact. He has some issues and concerns, and we’re working with him.”

She then goes on to disclose that Murray is in fact incarcerated in a standard size jail and there that other inmates larger than Murray who are also forced to deal with similar harsh realities of being incarcerated.

That of course hasn’t stopped Murray’s lawyers from sending off a letter to the Sheriff’s department seeking redress which they have released in part:

“Death or injury at the hands of another prisoner … is no worse than a slow death caused by a loss of circulation and atrophy resulting from inhumane confinement of a large man in a tiny space.”

Which once again probably has more to say about the general conditions of incarceration in the United States as opposed to willful mistreatment of Mr Murray. Continues the letter:

“If you put your puppy in the box you take to the vet and then left him in that box for a year or two years, what kind of condition would he be in?” he asked. “What kind of animal are you going to have coming out of there?”

For the time being Murray’s lawyers have suggested monitored home confinement might be the more humane treatment, something of course the balance of California’s incarcerated inmates will be arguing as well should Murray suddenly be moved….

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  1. The guilt might be obvious, but what crime, and what sentence. Worth noting is the 100 million dollars that pivoted around the run of the planned 50 concerts tour (see wiki this is it). Does a large number of bets being lost affect the outcome of the 3 year long trial and the passing of judgement (?). USA is know for being market driven. Criminal Justice. Done.

  2. Wow, this story totally got stolen by re-election and Benghazi. Maybe Murray deserved prison, but still the assumption is that the incarcerated person should be treated with some humanity (yes sometimes innocent people get thrown in too). Not being able to extend your legs during sleep is a stress position. Stress positions are torture as far as I know. Not only torture but leads to destruction of health, permanent injury. Maybe even deserved that .. remember that we know what Murray did because of TV news. We don’t know what the millions of other American prisoners did or did not do.

  3. If he really is responsible for the death of MJ I would be wiling to trade places with him for one day per month.

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