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Oh my! Paris Jackson has a new boyfriend!

Paris Jackson and friend.
Paris Jackson and friend.

Looks like the young woman that father Michael Jackson once so valiantly tried to shield from prying media attention has become the thing that her father had feared. A walking media whore and at only the age of 14.

Since her father’s death, 3 years ago this very day, the secrecy and privacy surrounding his children has been removed courtesy of the new guardian’s of Mr Jackson’s children, his parents, who haven’t spared a second milking their grandchildren’s legacy. Which introduces the following fluff piece.

Seen strutting the local cinema complexes in her native LA, with a new boy, the paparazzi were more than ready to snap away and share in the glee (you can bet your bottom dollar this was an orchestrated coup kids) of Paris Jackson‘s new love interest.

Of course then came the questions of who the new boy was and all the sound advice that Paris had been given by her aunt, Janet, the queen of dating and affairs of the pre adolescents:

dailymail.co.uk: The teen has been turning to her aunt Janet Jackson for advice, while her older brother Prince has been talking to prospective boyfriends to warn them to treat her right.

A source told the National Enquirer: ‘Janet acts like both a mom and a friend to Paris. She’s chatted with her niece about how she should wait many years before she is intimate with a guy.

‘She also listens to Paris when she speaks about her crushes and answers her questions and boys.’

Utter nonsense and drivel of course, but who cares, we get to imagine for a second a private segue way into the gilded life of an American royal.

Whether the young boy in the picture is indeed Paris’ new ‘love’ interest, or just her friend is irrelevant. In the end it’s just two young adults enjoying each other’s company but of course now that Ms Paris Jackson has become a commodity to be extracted anything is up for grabs. Let’s hope these two youngsters at least enjoyed the movie.

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  1. “a walking media whore” speaking about your mother? What kind of a media you are?Do you have any morality ?To call a child like that,it seems like you are uneducated .Its natural for the girl at her age to date.Nothing wrong with it.

  2. .when this kid wore a mask w/ her dad MJ to btw wanted their identity kept private for any potential kidnap threat and kept them protected from papz, the medialoids were calling her dad weird. now that she doesn’t wear mask and the papz are so free to take her pics(that obviously for an easy $$$), you’re telling the kid > she’s a walking media whore? she can go and do whatever she wants to do. what can she do if those papz stalking her to take a pics of her for $$$? she’s just a young girl, you cannot stop her to do what she wanna do and make herself free&happy! leave her alone! what else do you want, you already so FREELY stalked the girl&took pic, why do you stll need to write that she was a media whore, blaming her? F U! this is what the medialoids can do, SLANDERED or DEFAMED a 14 y.o girl, shameful! don’t do to her what you did to her DAD! RESPECT!

  3. What is WRONG with you? You ought to be ashamed of yourself for talking about a child like this.

  4. It’s unfortunate that we live in a society which tears apart an artist’s life while they’re alive and makes a martyr of them after their death. Hopefully Michael is resting more peacefully than he lived, under the intense heat of the media. Who was the man in the mirror and behind the television screens? I addressed MJ’s legacy with a portrait on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-memoriam-king-of-pop.html Drop by and let me know how his music affected you. While you’re there, we’ve posted the Top 10 music videos of All Time from the King of Pop!

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