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Paris Jackson- Does it make sense to micro analyze a young girl grieving her father’s death?


paris-jacksonThe things we want to hear and see you do when you are reacting to life’s terrible inconveniences…

Like you we watched and observed a legend’s memorial service. Like you we watched the countless TV stations offering their version of what death possibly means, how ironic that Michael is now loved now that he is dead, how almost unusual and surreal it was to be in a large space with lots of celebrities grieving and how those touched those celebrities must have been sitting there and whatever else useless information that one is subjected to when experiencing the obvious- the honoring of a man at a memorial service.

Yet what astounded us was the way the media did sommersaults when Michael’s daughter grieved onstage with the passing of her father. Some of them were impressed that it appeared genuine, that it was so unexpected, and how it may hinted at something deeper.

Really, most things the media does as a whole makes us smile, laugh and shake our heads in disbelief, but some things make us sick- very sick.

So next time one of your parents dies and if you’re a public figure make sure to give the media a chance to wonder if you are just faking the grief, or simply a simple ‘fuck you’ and leave me alone sign.

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  • NancyGraces

    Who ever said entertainment had to make sense. A little girl crying about her dead father is great reality TV.
    The “news media” (if you can call them that) will track her down on the one year anniversary to see they can broadcast any more of her tears.

  • Garnett Alcindor

    this is great!