Home Scandal and Gossip Paris Jackson tells Oprah Winfrey of classroom bully attacks.

Paris Jackson tells Oprah Winfrey of classroom bully attacks.

Paris Jackson and Oprah Winfrey
Paris Jackson and Oprah Winfrey
Paris Jackson and Oprah Winfrey
Paris Jackson and Oprah Winfrey

You would think that if one was the offspring of a world famous celebrity or let’s even go further pop star that most kids would be desperate to become your best friend and be nice to you. Not so, says Paris Jackson, the 14 year old daughter to the deceased pop star (admittedly very eccentric and possibly up to no good with all those child sexual abuse cases) Michael Jackson.

According to a sit down chat with Oprah Winfrey (yes Oprah will always have a sit down chat with you if you are uber famous and have something to get off your chest) Paris Jackson amazes when she tells of the horrors she has to date endured. But then again, I suspect children being subjected to being bullied goes on across all classes and stations of life.

dailymail.co.uk: The youngster said she had no idea why people chose to bully her, and was unsure whether it was because they were jealous when pressed on the issue by the chat show doyen.

However she did say she was weary of people having ulterior motives when they try to be her friend, and that she is not afraid to take action if that is the case.

Well one can take action when they are surrounded by a bundle of bucks, but unfortunately most children don’t have the ability to go on national tv to ridicule their attackers or enough money to hire lawyers or simply move to a new school. Which is exactly what Paris did, as she is now educated via home.

But home school or not, Ms Jackson offers the following pithy remark:

“‘If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away.”  

Who hasn’t felt that no matter what school, bank, neighborhood or whatever they come from or work for?

But here’s one comment via the dailymail that caught my eye, perhaps in some ironic way, Paris being bullied has a lot to do with the media and yet perversely here she is now with the media discussing what the media in essence helped orchestrate against her…

– I have a feeling, when you’re rich and beautiful and have options galore (Home schooling, private tutors, bodyguards etc) that bullying does not have the same devastating impact it would have on the average kid. – Cindy , Akron, USA, 11/6/2012 14:26 Excuse me, but how can a bodyguard or money lessen the impact of bullying? This is such an ignorant comment. If so, I think Paris suffers more because the whole world seems to have an opinion about Michael Jackson, even though the majority has never met him in person, yet they feel to have the right to judge him. Paris was told on the internet that it was her fault that her father died because she did not help…. she was told that she is better off without a father… the media have constantly discussed her paternity (which should not even be a topic, whether biological or adopted or not), the media (incl. Oprah) still try to make him look weird, instead of admitting they bullied him and spread lies with no foundation…..

And then there was this comment too via telegraph.co.uk:

Yawn.  Oprah, yesterday’s has-been interviewing Jacko’s kid.  Who cares?  If  Oprah wanted to get her groove back she would have asked her the question we all want to know.  Is MJ your biological father and are you willing to take a DNA test?  Otherwise it’s all blah blah blah.  We didn’t learn anything new.



  1. From what I’ve read the children seem to be grounded, polite, well behaved. I believe MJ was a loving and supporting father in his own way – even though that way seemed REALLY weird to the rest of us. Maybe he believed the only way to raise them safe is to hide them from the public. Sad.

    The children have little experience with other children their own age (or people in general) so how do they know what “bullying” is? How do they define it? Maybe to Paris bullying is someone cutting the queue in the cafeteria or saying they don’t like her shoes.

    No matter who you are, famous or not, people who don’t know you will judge you.

    Welcome to the world Paris. Its not a bad place, wish you luck, but you got to toughen up! You can do it!

  2. Some people are not very smart at all. Name calling is cheap and research is not hard for anyone to undertake, I would like to raise the point about Jordan chandler that two grand juries refused to indict his case on lack of evidence and his insurance company paid out the settlement against his wishes. Please see this document from below from santa barbara. I would recommend the books by geraldine hughes regarding jordan chandler called redemption and the conspiracy book by aphrodite jones which has full court transcripts) about gavin arvizo trial.

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    Here is some other information for you:

    FBI files found no wrong doing: http://foia.fbi.gov/hottopics.htm

    “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary A. Fischer http://www.buttonmonkey.com/misc/maryfischer.html

    “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones (full book online): http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books3-jetzi/con/con0aa.html

    Article by Deborah Ffrench: “The Making of a Myth” part 1 http://www.stereoboard.com/pdfs/Michael-Jackson-The-Making-Of-A-Myth-Part-I.pdf

    FBI Files support Jackson’s innocence; Media Reports Otherwise:

    Charles Thomson One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History:

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    http://www.sbscpublicaccess.org/docs/ctdocs/032205mjmemospprtobj.pdf see page 3 in particular




  3. Why are all wacko fans so ignorant and jealous? Oprah has smarts and fame. Of course grandma tild Paris to choose her because Oprah is black. The media is not to bkame for Paris being bullied. Her drugged up daddy who purchased her for his selfish gain is.

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