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The NYT’s finally decides to wonder whether we should we be afraid of privileged teenagers?


nycprepA glimpse into the life you secretly wish you had…

Already 2 episodes in and the golliwogs are all wondering – ‘is this real, do kids really believe and act this way, and wow I didn’t know the privileged were afforded such behavior…?”

All which leaves us yawning, why the special fascination with immature children whose parents also happen to often be immature and excessive but protected by their title and position in life? Is it really any wonder that a lot of these kids behave the way they do?

Should we really believe they all learn to behave the way they do by watching make believe shows like ‘Bravo’s NYC Prep,’ or as we suspect by watching how things get done closer at home?

We’ll let you decide, but next time the world crumbles let’s wonder out aloud who made it crumble and who’ll be the first to get bailed out.

Just an observation, you may now resume being selfish, irrational and a general nightmare to society, just make sure your wallet and privilege will bail you out when it comes to being bailed out…

Why we(you ) love unruly teenagers and the things they do…

Who’s Afraid of ‘NYC Prep’?

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  • claire

    yes, and it is usually the ones who are new to having money who even feel the need to flaunt it… those I knew with old money, could care less and had manners. I agree about the children acting how their parents showed or taught them…

  • Stephen VanDyke

    I too went to a prep school in the South, and can say that our administrators would have pushed publicity-mongering students to the side in order to save their reputation, no matter how affluent the parent.

    Then again, the truly rich kids I went to school with were typically smart enough not to ever flash their inheritance in a gawdy manner. Which makes me think perhaps the parents are the ones to blame here as well, since they are the ones who ultimately shaped how their children behave in public.

  • “All of which contradicted an unspoken rule at many private schools: to be showy or prideful is not only culturally inappropriate, but also in supremely bad taste. To be showy or prideful on reality television appears to be even worse. ”

    growing up in the prep schools of the legacy south and thankfully blessed with manners to spare…. this show is absurd and ridiculous.