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Confirmed- Women in NY prefer dating investment bankers as opposed to pharmaceutical salesmen.



The myth that money can’t buy love and other necessary must knows in NY.


Out of the ‘preeminent’ NYT’s Weekend Fashion and Styles section comes an expose of how women should be gearing themselves for a happy and opportunistic relationships with rich men. The story aptly titled ‘Banker seeks beauty,’ could just as aptly be titled Beauty seeks Banker or other well situated men.’ Oh well, let’s have fun and find out how the other half live…

The fashion meets Finance party that takes place at Manhattan’s Nikki Beach Hotel  is an invite only party where the criterion is pretty upfront and enforced. Females must be from the fashion industry and particularly attractive, the men working in finance and you needn’t guess what else…

Anyway once there, it is the job of prospects (who must pass muster with the doormen/woman who screen for pretenders- an oxymoron no?) to impress the be jesus with each other, flexing all sorts of pointers like if they were ex or are still current models and conversely for the guy he must find a tactful way to announce he is a banker, trader or anything else that suggests that he can provide a particular lifestyle. We suggest buying 5 $23 martinis in a row as a tactful reminder of ones financial virility.

With women fearing their ‘shelf life,’ and guys eager to take advantage of their bonus rights it’s a ‘fun’ place where ‘fun’ people can cavort with each other shamelessly without having to pretend they go for arty types but don’t mind bankers and guys who know that money is king and they are in a room full of women who accede to that view as opposed to some lower east side bar confronting some ex model boheme who (used to) prefers dating broke writers like us.

In any event the girls are all happy here and if push come to shove they will consider a pharmaceutical salesman, after all we are in a recession after all.

Quoted in the article is a gentleman by the name of Jeremy Abelson who has this to say-

“It’s offensive but it’s very realistic.”

Yes, particularly at Nikki Beach Hotel…

Banker Seeks Beauty: Must Be Upbeat (Like the Economy)