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Reality Star owns up that they are a failure.


reality-starThe things we are forced to confess on national television.

Welcome to the very public life of John and Kate Gosselin, a typical couple with fun loving kids (8 of them of course hence the name of their reality show- John and Kate plus 8) who on the back of the highest grossing reality show on the learning channel cable show are now set for divorce. Into their fifth season and earning $35 –50000 per episode, TV’s new found favorite couple and money makers suddenly came across some very rocky waters when their idyllic relationship was called into jeopardy after both parties were called into scrutiny over allegations of cheating.

In John’s case savory pictures of him gallivanting with 23 year old reporters and college students got him some heat from Kate whilst allegations (from Kates brother who was well paid for the information and is now vehemently despised by Kate) that Kate was having an affair with her body guard (yes reality stars now come with their own body guards) agitated relations,

Sitting on the Today show with host Meredith Vieira who does an amazing job of keeping a straight face whilst Kate slaps Kleenexes to her face and expresses to the camera that she feels like a failure, to which Meredith longingly pauses, savoring the moment and the impending ranking spike before asking Kate to explain what part of being a failure she is referring to.

In any event this too real for reality and now it’s own ‘surreal show’ as opposed to reality show (after all what’s real about making $50000 to showcase your pedestrian life and slow motion demise?) keeps you spellbound for a few minutes before you suddenly realize you hate Kate and John for getting paid so much for getting to be 16 year old goofballs again (albeit with 8 kids this time) and loving them because somewhere deep down you have to sympathize with the Gosselin drama, until the commercial comes along and your own reality takes place…

Private lives that suddenly become public spectacles and transgress from reality show to surreal show…

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