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The curious case of why Alice Waddington prefers married men..


alice-waddingtonTrying to understand the psychological make up of a ‘home wrecker.’


Alice is your typical woman. Typical in the sense that she likes romance, hot passion, is attracted to strong dependable men except atypical in that her ‘juices’ only really get going when she finds out you’re married…

For all you married woman Alice’s example might or might not explain the torment each one have you gone through in the discovery your man is now being kept on the side by someone as special as Alice.

Admittedly very insecure and prone to father figure types Alice sites a variety of examples (whether they make sense or not only you dear women can tell) that she looks for in a man. Unlike most women, where most women get a sense of arousal when they know the man they are looking at is lusted and preferred by other also women as well, for Alice the real kicker is when those men are unattainable too.

Where as most women are turned on when they know you have a harem chasing you, Alice is more turned on when she knows that harem comes with a wife and a kid or two,

“I always like the challenge of having what I can’t have. It makes the sex that much more passionate, naughty and anyway he’s been pre screened.”

Alice would also like to offer that she is equally flattered when your handsome man is paying her some mind, “….obviously it’s a real high knowing another man who is already taken is paying me mind.”

In short this is the low down on women like Alice, women that you may yourselves may just be like or women who if you ever come across in bed with your husband at least you’ll have the decency to understand what compels her before you kill her.

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