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Guest of a Guest wonder what your favorite bro/ho gesture is.


guest-of-a-guest-wonderThe cultural significance of things we do now that it’s safe for us to do it too…


From Guest of a Guest comes the study of body (booti-liscious) language and what all these gestures mean and now that we are calm about them coming from the hood (where years ago we all just watched on in terror and confusion) we are now proudly and defiantly replicating those gestures that not so long ago would have sent the wrong signal.

Seeing as it is finally fine to own up to the hood, that you live in the hood, or from time to time you drive past it and even have friends from the hood, Guest of a Guest set out to wonder what your favorite ho/bro gesture is.

If we could go first we’d say it’s the kid that used to live downstairs from us and who’d come home at night and tell his wife ; ‘Yo son what you cooking?” (we kid you not!)

Some of the observed bro/ho gestures include- ‘the bad ass gesture,’- pictured above, note the careful placement of fingers kids…

Next on the list – the ‘I’m pointing at nothing gesture’– which requires one standing in a public forum and lifting ones arms in a wide V with legs firmly locked. This should be appropriately done with a photographer in the vicinity so as to fully maximize “I’m not talking to you pose” as well…

The next pose is the one that one need to adopt if they like getting into dog/bitch fights with doormen and generally anyone who is easily intimidated- the “peace/bitchesV neck finger pose” done with scowl on face and ideally in front of a photographer. It should elicit a lot of reaction but we would prefer it if you did this away from a doorman as we don’t like the sight of blood.

Lastly the ‘ambiguous I’m not sure who I am or if I’m having a good time and hey are you a Guest of a Guest photographer?’ bro/ho pose.

This is to be reserved for all social occasions where one is feeling ambivalent and increasingly bored, and wondering where their drink ticket is.

Oh well, the cultural significance of things that now look photogenic and suitably palatable for the mainstream…You with me ‘son’?

Question Of The Day: What’s Your Favorite Bro/Ho Gesture?



  1. Sticking out my tongue. I know, not hood enough but I find it soooo much more that the ‘horizontal peace sign” aka “Peace/Ho” aka “Deuces” sign that everybody does these days. It really makes me want to “thug” the person whose digits they are and I’m not violent nor from the hood, from Westchester ;-)… LOL

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