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Is it possible that Lindsay Lohan made off with 500 000 dollars worth of jewels?


lindsay-lohan112Adventures at Scotland Yards and your local page 6.

Just when you wonder if whether Lindsay or Paris are ever going to take a week off we now find out courtesy of our friends and page 6 specialists- Gawker and TMZ that this week Lindsay has decided to stay in the spotlight by having herself hauled in by Scotland Yards after jewelry she wore at a fashion shoot for Elle magazine suddenly went missing.

Who knows maybe it’s a misunderstanding, a confusion, a real theft (after all Lindsay has been known to make off with fur coats and not get busted before unlike Wynona Ryder) or as we suspect another publicity stunt to keep hack writers like us employed and girls like Lindsay forever in your conscious and in the money…

Did Lindsay Lohan Steal $500K Worth of Jewels?

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  • treephalangales

    She certainly would have the space under that coat to hide them. Her being a skeleton, and all.