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I want to be ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ even if it (nearly) kills me.


fixx-interviewing-22What would you do for a chance to be a star, a top model? How far would you go and would it really be worth it or even enough?

Given a chance to appear on the Tyra Bank’s ‘American Next Top Model,’these girls waited hours, quite a few before dawn, and most of them weren’t even allowed to leave their spot in line, forcing most to pee in paper cups.

But the bigger question is how did we get so engrossed in a sweepstakes mentality in our culture that many girls, girls that didn’t even have the physical requisite attributes to even be a model (5’3 ?) were compelled to lust for the chance at stardom, modeltom?

What does modeltom really represent and how did it ever get so big that seventeen year old girls are almost willing to die for it?

Chaos breaks out at ‘America’s Next Top Model’ audition in Manhattan

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  • zelia ngenche

    love to become a model