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Downtown ‘It Girl’ JULIA G.


Julia G. Photos courtesy of Julia G.

NYC JULIA GONCHARENKO (a.k.a. Julia G.) is the angelic, elegant, vixen-aesthete who will kick your ass in a flash. At first glance she appears heroine-like, a character straight out of an impossibly cool Quenten Terentino tableau with super -woman qualities, ravishing good looks and the coy demureness of Sofie Fatal. She seems to naturally belong to a league of extraordinary gals who effortlessly make the fashion industry lick its chops with excitement.  Her look harkens back to a bygone era of classy, lady-like dames whose bashful demeanor makes the gentlemen (and gentlewomen) weak in the knees.

The 20-year old Seattleite is exceedingly yummy, has a doll face, buxom bod and an opinionatedeven eruditepoint of view that belies her tender age. She loves irony, satire and has a knack for dark, gritty sarcasm.  There’s something lovely about the way in which she combines a raffish, cool intellectual perspective with a proclivity for fierce debate that makes her so super-stimulating.  She says interesting and provocative things like “multiculturalism is a retarded, intellectually dishonest doctrine ” (no disagreement there!) while sipping martinis and clashing with pedantic Columbia undergrads who prattle ridiculously about themselves. Like a Bond girl, this ultra-smart beauty hails from a world that is seemingly unreal where perfection is ironically attainable and she is the fullest expression of it.  Oh my God!



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