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The end of the male model?

Tomek Szczukiecki

Britain's David Gandy.


Pursuant to a surprising (well not so surprising to those of us who have actually pursued it, this author included- Reflections of a former Male Model.) statement by top male model, David Gandy that male models are treated on the lowest level on the totem pole in the fashion world, Huffington Post came out with an article questioning how low male models are on the food chain. Judging from Mr Gandy’s observations, the comments left in the post and the general lack of knowledge on the public’s part- the divide between what the male model gets to make and the way he is treated as opposed to what the public thinks is quite a vast divide.

Some of the comments on Huffpo:

Huffpo Welcome to reallity ……….sorry dude , hot females on the cover sells trade rags , not pouty brooding males. Marketing is about selling not male vs female model pay scales.

Then this: Wow, what a cry baby. Shut-up and do your job. Oh, and travel the world, do all you ever wanted, best products, best clothes, cars, wine, partners…watch out, here comes the wambulance -wa-a-a-a-h-h

Mmh, I don’t remember fast cars, wines, best products- but of course I do remember the cheap pensiones..

And then we have this to sort us out

wah, you get paid to stand around and look slick all day…don’t like it? get another job

Then this comment from someone who doesn’t quite realize as high as supply is, what’s hard to put down is fickle aesthetics and the changing tastes from market to market that can make any model – male or female go slightly batty. 

The male model could very well be the least important part of

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