Casey Anthony- Unloved and disavowed. How one woman became a nation’s punching bag…

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Breaking: More new Casey Anthony photos emerge No public figure in recent memory has captured the ire and castigation of the public at large than the solitary figure of Ms Casey Anthonywho despite last year’s acquittal of murder in the first degree of her daughter Caylee Anthony remains much maligned and to this day for […]

A morbid fascination with the Casey Anthony saga and why it still persists.

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Casey Anthony leaker, Holly Briley caught attempting to extort high profile lawyer Kim Picazio. As dribs and drabs of news involving the affairs of one young woman, Casey Anthony who last year was acquitted of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony, continue to come to the fore, the insistent question is why does the […]

What’s wrong with this photo of 4 police officers guarding a private bank?

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This is what arrived in my email box today:   ——— Forwarded message ———- From: Private Citizen Date: Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 1:40 PM Subject: From Private Citizen To:Me Chris..hope this is still your email, Thought u would find it interesting. What I saw today in real main St America.  Taken in zip code 63105. Seriously 4 […]

The argument for oxytocin. Inducing empathy could save the world. But who really wants to live in a society where everyone is nice anyway?

Paul Zak believes oxytocin could help give people more empathy. Photograph: Bryce Duffy

Judging by the recent disharmony in the world one could be pressed to argue the root of what ails society is the degree of inequity when it comes to the distribution of resources and wealth. Which is to say the canny use of resources, be it labor, capital, land, enterprise and technology should be able […]

Welfare mother of ten insists that her 30 000 annual pounds allowance is not enough. Begs for handouts, but is told to sod off. The Establishment’s henchmen know how to treat scum like this…


The plight of Moira Pearce has somehow caught the attention of the dailymail and its sister journals over there in the UK, which is to say her situation has either inspired the compassion of staff writers there or more likely the ire and consternation that the papers there are known for: haranguing the supposed legitimate […]

Not even FOX news knows where Egypt is, why should you?

Actual map (as of Jan 31 2011) of the Mid East.

Look closely at the below map and ask yourself after carefully looking at it- how did Egypt end where Iraq used to be? Or is that just a Freudian slip? A lot of Americans can’t even find their own country on a map. So I’m not surprised Fox News has no idea about Egypt! Source: […]

Anyone for some fries and a smoke?


Because what you might say probably wont kill you, but what you consume just eventually might… SKYE NICOLAS  “Untitled” Marlboro and fries 2008  C-print face mounted on museum plexi backed with aluminum 60 x 72 in (152.4 x 198.12 cm) Private collection, Tokyo WHAT’S IN THIS BOOZE RECEIPT FROM NEW YEARS EVE 1961? AIRPORT SECURITY IS […]

The great Coney Island hoopla show.

Mr K

When traveling to Coney Island for Nathan’s 2010 Hotdog competition you begin to embark on a travel of epic proportions.  Upon embarking the B train I immediately ran into a cute foreign couple from the Netherlands who were also traveling to the competition. After expressing their joy from the Netherlands previous world cup victory over […]