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The New Decade: The haves vs the have nots?



For some reason or another most people in Western society are brought up with the idea that even if they don’t come from a distinguished or privileged class that eventually with hard work, a good education, patience and commitment that they too can ascend to their rightful place in society. The irony of this thought is how trivial it really is relative to the history of most human constructs and how more than ever we are subsiding back to the class divisions we most ardently choose to deny in a country like America. Of course this is noble but next time you fly down to St Barts or visit friends along 5th avenue spare a thought for the cash strapped lackey at the airport terminal working for minimum wages and the more than likely illegal cab driver or construction worker who hasn’t a hope in hell of ever stepping foot in the world you subscribe to even if truth be told if you weren’t propositioning your body, mind of soul you wouldn’t be granted entry in the first place…

We live in interesting times, and as we enter the new decade it’s anyones guess where it will all lead but a cursory look down the block will reveal some alarming incongruities that may unfortunately take the punch off your next cocktail next time you head out for tete a tete. According to the New York Times, more people are relying on food stamps as their sole source of stable providence. Shouldn’t that alarm us or is it perhaps wiser just ease into the Frito’s and watch reality stars who ostensibly have been plucked out of thin air do their thing and for us to laugh at them when in reality it’s the plutocrats who put them there who are laughing viciously all the way to the bank.

While one can argue that the recent recession was brought about by capricious lending behavior and derivatives gambling by the financial community (not to mention public appetite for what at the time seemed ridiculous give aways that you had to line up to have…) isn’t it strange that the players who were quite instrumental in almost bringing the capitalistic system down are now all in St Barts this weekend past cozying up to each other reflecting on the vast fortunes they have made on the bail out money the government offered while the majority of you are slogging off a hang over brought on by a rough weekend that you probably now regret, most of all because you just went through January’s rent.