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The New Decade: The haves vs the have nots?



Of course this is all temporary and at some point the recession will end and business will resume, except it wont resume in the way it used to. The money will continue floating to the fat cats and if you want to get anywhere near it you better hope that you are perceived to be particularly useful to the people and institutions that guarantee the ever present if not currently limited supply of cash. That will either involve you being a coke whore, a trophy wife, a service provider that will ensure perpetual access to information and capital (like web designers, providers and even us our own very own media whores…)or some other vessel short of freak show (ie Lindsay Lohan picture friendly comedy acts that placate the masses) or your own sudden reality star. Of course the idea to mention student nearly appeals to us but with tuition as expensive as it and jobs in short supply and the capitalistic industry pre dis-positioned to ‘packaging’ money ideas as opposed to actual productive ideas one can only wonder what one will do once they come out of graduate school. In short one can hope to become the titillated semi intellectual bourgeoisie who read magazines like ours along with the occasional avant garde personality strapped to mortgages, expectations and bundles of debts- if they are lucky. One mistake, one or two misquoted quotes, evaporated deals, slip ups and it can all go to hell- of course one should be glad to know if they spend a bundle on education they will forever be in servitude to the financial elite and their celebrity constabulary currently grazing on foie gras at the local port in St Barts (yes- you know who you are…).

This is not to suggest we are not fond of money, we certainly are, it’s just to suggest that the way the money is going to be carved going forward is all going to change. Why? Because the world is retreating it’s head back up its ass or to put it in friendlier terms if you or your entity don’t have a particularly useful place in the hierarchy of how things get done you will not be invited to the party and no matter how much you scream your name will not suddenly appear on the guest list. This of course necessitates the obvious question how does one make themselves useful and hence at some stage profitable?