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The New Decade: The haves vs the have nots?



It used to be if you were a bank you would lend money to people and let them re invest or double up in property which they had had the good fortune of buying courtesy of the bank’s benevolence as it ascended in price. Of course this game no longer works and banks only lend money to themselves and collectively chase the stock market up together because what else is there to do when short term bonds pay next to zero. Or how about the media you consume, at some point the over saturation of celebrity culture will fade as more and more people are forced to live the reality of their lives and will at some point wish to seek only the journey of those entities and individuals who are actually being pro active and ingenious never mind their love lives or drinking/drug habits. For the interim,  pretending that we are all stars and celebrities because Guest of a Guest, Patrick Mcmullan or even us took a picture of you at some event doesn’t excuse the fact that at the end of the day it is wishful thinking and as much as fame and immortality suit you just fine it doesn’t really mean much to anyone when it turns up on google or on your photo diary. After all value is more than the sum of a picture even if the temptation is to believe otherwise.

So this leaves us with the vital question, what can one expect to see in the form of new happenstance that can possibly challenge and eviscerate the current social codes? New technology, the objectification of all Muslim men between the ages of 18- 38, more war fare, more redundant information, or the sudden letting down of cultural institutions which have a virtual monopoly of what gets to be discussed, shown or investigated. After all next time we all go to the polls notice how much time is spent on the ‘question of whether X, Y, or Z would make a great drinking buddy,’ or why if we live in a democracy so few choices, candidates and systems of thoughts and economic paradigms are presented. After all it seems to be an overt representation of entrenched interests and really at the end of the day that can’t be too healthy no matter how many times we go watch the films they make, the loans they deny us or the foreign wars they start. World hegemony? Why not? As long as it pays a tad above long term yields…and keeps you in place and wishing that you too were in St Barts.

In any respects we still live in a society that still respects and ultimately rewards individualist expression and nuanced sensibilities, assuming of course one has a viable platform to make the trek on. For the rest of you, we hope you get tired of reading about Lindsay and useless decoys like Jon Gosselin and own up to the idea that if the world ends up becoming a spectacle of haves vs have nots you have no one to blame but yourselves.