Britney Spears is just a mean bitch. Slams contestants on X factor premier

Britney Spears is toxic on the X factor.

That Bitch is Toxic ! Seems like even Britney Spears is catching fire on what really sells on television…and thats the humiliation of others to make viewers feel better about their own mediocre lives and therefore tune in for more… And tune in they did with 8.5 million viewers turning on their televisions to see […]

Bachelor Canada auditions kick-off in Vancouver – smells like desperation!


Auditions for the Bachelor Canada kicked off today in Vancouver with some few-thousand women lining up outside the Loden Hotel for the casting call, and I was one of the lucky ones who got in on the action. By “lucky” I mean I got to see a bunch of women oh so desperately try to […]

Islamovision is now coming to a TV channel near you- the all new American Muslim reality show is nigh…


It was bound to eventually happen and finally it has. If they could make a reality show about despicable women squabbling over diamond tiaras and 15 year old pregnant girls trying to make it with $38, surely the networks could come up with a similarly energetic program schedule to draw America closer to the daily […]

Are the Salahis getting their own reality show?


How to con the public. How can you forget them- the White House intruders seen coddling up to vice president Joe Biden and Obama at a head of state dinner party. Everyone looked beautiful, everyone was smiling, happy to be there- except there was one problem, not everyone who was there was supposed to be […]

Jon and Kate Gosselin Finally Divorce.


No longer fame whores by the hip. Proving that talent is never really absolutely necessary in one’s attempts to navigate the public eye the team known as John and Kate plus 8 are no longer a collective item. Of course that doesn’t mean the dribble America has been doled out by capricious television producers is […]

Kate Squillace- The Ultimate Bad Girl…


There are a lot of things that go on in reality TV that you never find out about, that is until you become a reality star. Enter Kate Squillace who until a few months ago was just minding her own business when on a whim she decided to fill out a job posting she came […]

Gordon Ramsay makes a mess in the kitchen.


What goes around comes around… Season after season we have seen Gordon Ramsay’s wrinkly face scrunching up like a dried prune, yelling at unsuspecting contestants to move their asses or fuck off. Despite being treated like a crap, they gladly poured out their sweat and tears in hopes of making him smile. Now, it seems […]

Soul searching after party crashing.


Dilemmas and heartbreak in Washington. After much head-scratching and conferring, we have arrived at the conclusion that the definition of party crashing is to show up at a party without an invitation. In the light of this epiphany, we are beginning to wonder which dictionary Tareq and Michaele Salahi had been reading before appearing on […]

Obama Crashers.


“Michaele and Tareq Salahi slipped past multiple layers of high-level White House security Tuesday night and managed to rub shoulders, literally, with Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, among others, at Washington’s most exclusive social event this year.” – NY Times It must be reaffirming for […]

Italian Americans annoyed that MTV wants to air the truth.


Having Guidos giving you a bad name. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a bunch of idiots carrying on and misbehaving in a way that gives birth to stereotypes. And this says nothing of maintaining those stereotypes. Welcome to MTV’s attempt to humiliate Italian Americans in it’s too close too reality portrayal of the ‘Jersey […]

Bizarre couple Jedward allowed to continue to embarrass Britain.


When train wrecks arrive in pairs. You haven’t heard of them in the US, but we assure you it wont be long before this bizarre couple of lads will be firmly rooted in your nightmares as the kids will be screaming for Jedward ice cream, Jedward lolly pops,  and Jedward Corn flakes. These lads are […]

Susan Boyle Has 5 of 15 Minutes Left.


Susan Boyle, who became a star overnight with her bushy eyebrows, frumpy posture, and a beautiful voice, has broken a new record on Her debut album, aptly named, “I Dreamed A Dream” has “far surpassed” the numbers people had guesstimated. Honestly, I’m surprised. I thought her 15 minutes were up but it looks like […]