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True Life: The real hustle behind Brittany Mendenhall and Ashleigh Jennifer Parker.

Ashleigh Jennifer Parker and Brittany Mendenhall.

There is a moment when you are watching MTV’s wishful segue way into the Hamptons preferred lifestyle fantasia starring Brittany Mendenhall and her ‘bitch’ pal Ashleigh Jennifer Parker in “True Life: I’m hustling in the Hamptons,” that you are deliciously caught off guard and all you can do is laugh. There in the middle of the strolling green pastures amidst Argentinian studs and polo players is a supposed brazen blonde vixen who understands the world means nothing unless you are holding a champagne bottle close to your lips while her supposedly annoyed buddy- the aspiring blogger, Brittany Mendenhall, is made to supposedly feel once again out of place courtesy of her buffoon mate- Ashleigh Jennifer Parker and of course her physical disposition- ‘that of a tall black lady.’

It might be hysterical and have you feeling for the new girl in town until you later realize the whole show is a delicious set up, trading up on stereotype  images and sliced and diced opportunistic jingoes. How does the author know all this? Because somehow he has managed to get his hands on a bevy of evidence which sadly calls into question the legitimacy of the producers, to some extent the principal of the show- Ms Mendenhall and what it even means to create a reality show when in essence the only reality is the purported bunk that is traveling at a dizzy speed out of your nostrils…

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and I’m sitting directly across the brazen blonde vixen who goes by Ashleigh Jennifer Parker who for the first time in her 24 years of life has managed to make it to Williamsburg, Brooklyn- the bastion of hipsters and probably the antithesis to what goes in the supposed exclusive terrain of the Hamptons, that part of the world where heroes like Jay Gatsby grandly aspired but magnanimously failed to live up to their expectations of domination and well pressed white linen pants and rayon summer suits.

“See when they asked they us to be on the show, it was so they could portray us as being part of an up and coming web blog site making the rounds, networking, meeting all the right people. Instead what they did (by they,  Ashleigh means the producers- Cindy Blissit and Bill Richmond)- they tried to make out that I was Jules Kirby the second and that Brittany was the only black person who had ever been to the Hamptons and that somehow I was holding that against her, because that’s what we’re taught to understand what white people do, …well this white person anyway.”

I motion closer and ask her what evidence she has to validate her claims that the show’s producers had an ulterior motive. She leans over and shows me the text messaging between herself and Brittany.

Brittany Mendenhall: (Mobile) Apr28 2010, 1:07:09 AM

Yes, But I negotiated hard. You should have heard what they ORIGINALLY wanted me to say.

Apr28: 2010. 12:54:21 AM

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  1. I was adopted at two weeks old. I was raised with the name Ashleigh Martha Lupse. Upon meeting my birthmother and learning that my real name was actually Jennifer Lauren Moody on my original birth certificate (AND that my birthmother never knew my name was changed to Ashleigh) I decided to change my middle name to Jennifer. I met my birthfather soon after meeting my birthmother and his last name is Parker. That is why my legal name is now Ashleigh Jennifer Parker. Get your fucking facts straight. And when you post personal negative false information about someone else on the internet don’t hide behind some fake name.

  2. She’s an idiot… Her name isn’t Ashleigh Jennifer Parker either, it’s Ashley Lupse. That’s something she’d definitely never admit to.

  3. Scallywag why bother giving press to something so NUTS as a “black girl in the Hamptons” scenario? Brittany was EXPLOITED + is not experienced enough to keep race out of this!

    If you CHOOSE to deal in the white world then DEAL! If you want do deal in African-American side of the Hamptons that is fine too! However, no one gives a flying fuck whether you are “black” in that way, not even worth the tears, but then again she’s 24 not 39 like myself! She should stick to NIGHTLIFE BLOGGING , she is good + equipped for it-she has my support there!

    Thank you Jesus for giving me the grace to know what I can change + what I cannot + the ability to know the difference!

  4. This was so pathetic. Classicism doesn’t sell;propaganda and conspiracy does, so quite frankly accusing MTV for making you look like a racist pig is comedy.

  5. Its hardly a rise from Nightlife Blogger to caricature of a human being at D List parties in the Hamptons. Racism is some cheap hook, if anything our society discriminate more on CASHISM, if you have no cash nobody wants to deal with you no matter what your skin tone is. If you are a Nightlife blogger the only people who know who you are are club owners and the club goers who can read. And I thought that the bottom of the barrel was CW’s High Society. But I guess MTV has come up with something equally idiotic as two people nobody ever heard of running from one share house and bad club to another in the Hamptons.

  6. These girls can cry me a river!
    When they signed up for a reality show, they were putting their reputations in the hands of the producers and editors! No excuses.
    The show makes them both look pathetic.
    Ashleigh is a wanna-be with no class.
    The racism angle IS contrived in the show, that is obvious.
    But the embarrassing thing for these girls is the video was not fabricated out of thin air.
    Taken out of context or not, they said and did those things, and they look like idiots.

  7. This is such a barren hustle. Everyone knows that Bridgehampton Polo is merely Marquee or Frat House on a Polo field, hardly exclusive or attended by meaningful members of Society. Fact is that there have been for years a significant African American element in the Hamptons. They are just not necessarily running around like drunkards popping into one club or share house to another. TIA WALKER is a journalist who has covered some celebrity philanthropy in the Hamptons for years. She just does not run around like a drunken idiot waxing philosophic about how she is the only black person in the Hamptons.

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