Rowan Atkinson is shear brilliance as Mr Bean at London Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean at the London Summer Olympic games

David Beckham ferried the Olympic torch and we all fell in love again….

Pictorial: London 2012 Summer Olympics. The Opening Ceremony was bloody stupendous!

It’s official. The London Summer Olympic games of 2012 are here with us and all of London has been a frenzy this evening as festivities got under way for the festivities.

Taking center stage along with the London Symphony Orchestra as they played Chariots of FIre and he keyboard, audience members and viewers the world were left in hysterics as the lovable grouch set about his perfect vision of being victor, vanquished and world champion.

As he played the keyboard, Mr Bean is seen taking out his I phone, taking pictures whilst all the while hammering at one key, but not of course before sneezing.

From there we are taken to what must be Mr Bean’s vivid imagination as we now see him in a recreation of the famous Chariot’s of Fire run along the beach in white tunics and other runners. It’s whilst running that we see Mr Bean resorting to some chicanery, but then again we would not expect anything less from Mr Bean who knows he must win this race at all costs.

To say that Mr Bean (he is trending on twitter this evening) is anything but a wonderful welcome would be an understatement. Good on you Mr Bean, Britain the world salutes you as this year’s honoree host.


    if i pay will you burn this site. just kidding. Chelsea loves you scally, come home. we have some cristal and rubbers waiting for you here plus your favorite hamster. we cleaned him off from last time

  • scallywag

    You cleaned off Vladimir? Good lord, I was wondering what had happened to the poor chap…. :)

  • Pruhux

    Mate. You are the best. Say no more.
    Love from Down Under xoxoox

  • Frankie Leung

    The British really know how to laugh at themselves. The Chinese take themselves too seriously. I am a Chinese who received a British education. Eventually I can’t stand either of them, I emigrated to USA and found Hollywood. I live in Los Angeles.

  • Jelly

    he got caught between a rock and a hard place

  • Jelly

    you were a salad tosser there and your a salad tosser in la, mazel tov;)

  • Josh Videogeek