Pictures: Gianni Versace Miami mansion where he was murdered on sale for whopping $125 million.

Gianni Versace Miami mansion

Gianni Versace Miami mansion

Casa Casuarina the house that fashion icon Gianni Versace once lived in and died literally infront of when he was shot by an assassin in 1997 is now back on the market.

The asking price? A mere $125 million.

miamiherald: Luxury property powerbrokers Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber of ColdwellBanker Residential Real Estate unveiled the listing Friday morning.

The gated property at 1116 Ocean Drive, built in 1930 by architect Alden Freeman, has 10 bedrooms, 11 baths and a 54 foot mosaic pool lined in 24-karat gold. It’s chock full of frescos and statues with a large open air courtyard.

The current owner, Peter Loftin, bought the property for $19 million in September 2000.

Since then Peter Loftin in 2009 converted the property into a boutique hotel and private club which may go some way towards explaining the extraordinary asking price. Never mind the legend and our increasing appetite for luxury status objects.

Anyone for a piece of fashion icon history?

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Regal comfort and for a mere $125 million.

Though the designer behind Villa by Barton G, refurbished the 23,000 square foot space, the style is very much in keeping with the lavish tastes of its former owner.

The Versace motif remains on the floor of one of the hotel suites, a tribute to the designer who spent $33million renovating and expanding the property after he bought it in 1992

The villa was originally built in the 1930s by architect Alden Freeman as an homage to the oldest existing house in the western hemisphere in Santo Domingo.

Mr Versace was tragically killed at the entrance to Casa Casuarina in 1997 by Andrew Cunanan who committed suicide shortly after.

The one acre property featured ten bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, seven fireplaces, a garage for 12 cars and a guesthouse