Chinese woman gives birth in public restroom only to watch in horror as newborn is flushed away…

Chinese woman gives birth in toilet, Emergency workers at the scene.

Having to use the restroom takes a new twist this morning….

It is being reported that a 36 year old woman, Cai Qulin, in the district of Zhaoyang, Beijing, China inadvertently gave birth to a baby girl whilst squatting over a public latrine only to watch in horror as the baby was suddenly flushed away.

The incident happened as Cai Qulin and her husband were on the way to the hospital where her water broke 9 days earlier than had been scheduled to break. Desperate to use the restroom before continuing her journey to the hospital the woman rushed to use the public latrine only to find herself suddenly giving birth.

Fortunately for the woman, emergency rescue was able to tear away at the toilet and adjacent water pipes were her newborn was eventually found after a frantic thirty minutes. The baby is said to have made a full recovery and is set to be soon released from hospital along with her mother.

Of curiosity is whether the mother needed to use the restroom to simply relieve herself or had confused such action when in fact her biology tract was moving into birthing motion.