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Texas history teacher gets 8 years for sleeping with student and getting high together

Michelle Schiffer sentenced
Michelle Schiffer sentenced
Michelle Schiffer sentenced
Michelle Schiffer sentenced

Michelle Schiffer sentenced: A former Texas, Cypress Springs High School teacher ‘disappointed’ with 8 year jail term after physical tryst with student.

A former female Texas history teacher was on Thursday sentenced to eight years prison after admitting to ‘sleeping’ with a 15 year male student along with getting high with the boy after smoking marijuana together.

During her sentencing, following her guilty plea in May, Michelle Schiffer, 24 broke down and cried following her admission of having an improper relationship with a child and having a physical tryst with her male victim on two separate occasions reported the Houston Chronicle.

Schiffer, who formerly taught at Cypress Springs High School, was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. She had faced up to 20 years in prison after getting arrested in November, months after she met the student at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Cypress before going to a friend’s apartment to have a physical tryst.

On another occasion, Schiffer picked up the student at a park, where they smoked marijuana before becoming physically intimate in her car, KHOU reports. An anonymous student later reported the improper trysts to the school’s principal.

Schiffer’s attorney, Grant Scheiner, said the former teacher ‘accepts responsibility’ for her actions, despite being disappointed with the outcome of her case. 

Define disappointed? What would have a male educator been sentenced had the genders been reversed?

‘Michelle is prepared to serve her sentence and hopes the complainant and his family can forgive her,’ Scheiner said.

Scheiner tried to convince a judge during a hearing last month that Schiffer should receive probation. It’s unclear when she could be released since the offense doesn’t require her to serve at least half of the sentence, according to the Chronicle.

‘She has a scarlet letter that’s going to last the rest of her life,’ Scheiner said. ‘And that is part of the punishment.’

Schiffer’s friends and relatives also said she suffers from depression during last month’s hearing. She stopped taking her medication prior to meeting up with the teen to smoke marijuana and be intimate. Prosecutors noted the woman also sending text messages to other students, as well as sending them lewd photos.

‘This isn’t a heat-of-the-moment thing,’ prosecutor Keaton Forcht said last month. ‘This is over a series of months with different students.’

Schiffer was removed from the school’s campus and put on administrative leave after she was charged with an improper relationship between educator and student, and sexual assault of a child. Of note the former teacher won’t have to register as a sex offender since she wasn’t convicted of sexual assault, the Chronicle reports.

Not immediately clear is what led to the former female teacher abusing her position of trust, authority and power to subjugate her male victims…a recurring trend among many female educators.