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How Beth Hall battled anorexia and won. Dropped to 4stone on 10 calorie a day diet

Beth Hall anorexia
How Beth Hall learned to overcome her battle with anorexia.

Beth Hall a Cambridge, UK chocolate shop worker has lived to tell of her remarkable resurrection after living off a 10 day calorie diet a day which saw her plummet to a skeletal 4 stone and 13 pounds (69 pounds).

Bullied incestuously at school the then teenager began a strict diet regimen at the age of 16 which consisted of nothing more than black tea and coffee. Hence spiraling her descent into nascent anorexia.

So determined was Hall to lose weight and rebuff her detractors she would go for three days without eating a single thing reports the UK’s dailymail.

After years of self castigation the young woman finally found the courage to reclaim her life and was admitted to an eating disorder clinic.

Fortunately the young woman, like many who find themselves judged on appearances prevailed and is now living a healthy size eight and studying graphics at university.

Told the now 24 year old: I’m so relieved that I have managed to maintain a healthy weight after battling anorexia,’

‘It didn’t matter how many pounds I dropped, I would always see a fat pig when I looked in the mirror.

‘I would ditch my lunch at school and when my mum was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2008 I was able to disguise my eating habits as she was having treatment in hospital.

‘I would go up to three days without eating a single thing but I remained adamant that there was nothing wrong with me.

‘I lived on black coffee and tea which is around 10 calories per day, I was starving my body so badly that I couldn’t even think straight.’

Beth Hall anorexia

By 2009 the young woman would be forced to drop out of university as her health deteriorated.

Reiterates Beth: ‘I couldn’t focus on anything but food, my illness was completely out of control and I was getting thinner and thinner by the day.

‘I eventually got a job as a sales assistant, ironically in a chocolate shop but I was so weak and I didn’t know how much more my body would take.’

By 2011 things eventually took their toll when the young woman developed a kidney infection with doctors warning Beth she was risking her life by starving her body. It would only be then that Beth Hall admitted to herself she was deep in the throes of anorexia.

Told Beth: ‘The doctor told me he could feel all my organs underneath my skin and that I would end up killing myself if my eating didn’t improve.

‘Suddenly I realized that I needed help and at just 4st 13lbs I was admitted to an eating disorder ward once my kidney infection cleared up.

‘I hated having to gain weight and eating the meals they had given me but I knew I needed to be there. I attended daily group therapy sessions and I began to make progress.

‘After four months of being at the eating disorder clinic I was allowed home.

‘I was finally in control of my own meals again and could attend the therapy sessions as an outpatient.’

Beth Hall anorexia

Back in charge of her life again the young woman would forge ahead with her life, overcoming a relapse a year later and seeing the journey through as she has now returned to university and part-time work.

Said Beth: ‘I’m now studying graphic design at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

‘I did suffer a relapse when I started to make myself sick but the therapy sessions gave me the coping skills I needed to get my eating habits back under control.’

Reflects Beth on life since getting a grip of her eating disorder: ‘My whole family, including my younger sister, Georgina, were so worried about me when my weight dropped so drastically.

‘It has been a massive relief for everyone that I have been able to get my weight under control and that I’m a healthy size eight.

‘I know my illness will always be there but I know how to deal with it all now. I hope other girls who read my story are able to gain hope from everything I have achieved.

‘There is always help available and despite how isolated you feel things will get better and you can overcome an eating disorder.’

Beth Hall anorexia
A more healthy Beth Hall today.

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