Home Pop Culture Madonna Instagram of a hairy armpit makes the internet lose its mind.

Madonna Instagram of a hairy armpit makes the internet lose its mind.

Madonna Instagram of a hairy armpit
Madonna would like to remind you she is a pop cultural icon

You’re either for it or against it, that, it seems is how vocal the idea of whether women ought to grow armpit hair or not. Which naturally leads into the next popular culture scandal of the week: the Madonna instagram of a hairy armpit makes me too dizzy not to notice saga.

Added the pop icon to her instagram picture: “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove,”

Needless to say the image of Madonna transgressing merits of feminine etiquette (depending on whom you ask, and especially not conservative UK tabloids) has led to a volley of responses, some of which I have made an effort to bring to your attention.

What do you think kids? Is there a place for women to don hairy armpits? Or is the better question, are we simply offended by the idea of pop icons daring to come off beyond our antiquated idea of how they ought to be?

Contemplated some on the web:

mine is growing as we speak!


wow, too bad the false arm hair cant divert attention away from the upper righthand quadrant of her face. when lighting is not filtered and shadows occur the unenviable ravages of age show in her eyes, her forehead, upper cheeks and omg what is with this draw on eyebrows? yuck


Using underarm hair for some attention is gross!!









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