Home Scandal and Gossip Eva Longoria dates NY Jets Quaterback Mark Sanchez. Usual idiots cry cougar…

Eva Longoria dates NY Jets Quaterback Mark Sanchez. Usual idiots cry cougar…

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez
Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez

Now call me crazy but…I’m guessing Eva Longoria likes em young…and athletic.

The actress, this time crossing over to the NFL,  makes New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez (25) her new papi chulo, and admits to Mario Lopez on “Extra”that the two are “happy just dating.”

After her split from cheating hubby Tony Parker and latino lover Eduardo Cruz it seems like the “Desperate Housewives” star (37) is going in for round three. Skeptics have questioned if the relationship with a man 12 years her Junior will last but I say Eva has earned the right to don a younger boy toy, but I think the bigger question here is why is the age of Eva’s new man even being brought into question?

It used to be that the younger woman attracts the older man, and the older man attracts the younger woman but Hollywood has defied that rule completely and thrown away all conventions when it comes to dating. With Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart(18 years her junior), Madonna and Brahim Zaibat( 29 years her junior) and of course Mariah Carey and Nick Canon (11 years her junior) it has become a less frowned upon occurrence, however the public still manages to be shocked.

Creating names like ‘Cougar’ and ‘man eater’ it seems somewhat sexist that any label is associated with an older women finding love and companionship with a younger man. No label has been created for men who date younger women. Even with unheard of age gaps such as Mickey Rourke and Anastassija Makarenko (33 years his junior) and scandalous unions such as Woody Allen and Soon-Yi (35 Years his Junior and his once adopted daughter) It gets shrugged off as a man being a man or something normal. What is our obsession with age and double standards ? Where do we draw the line between acceptable and outrageous?

Either way I’m betting Eva is going to have fun with her new hawt bixch…