Home Nightlife Night Out at Milk Studios With MAC and LnA.

Night Out at Milk Studios With MAC and LnA.

Photography by Ricardo Garcia.

Cool clothing, a celebrity roster wearing the line (Brad Pitt, Madonna, Jeremy Piven, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton and the list goes on…) and a party during fashion week?  Ok, sounds good, and it was even better than that.  I somehow managed to miss the show but made it in time for the live entertainment.  Patti Smith was on stage singing her lungs out and the crowd actually enjoyed the classic punk rock beats (she is deemed the “Godmother of Punk”).  I didn’t have an opinion, only a thirst that needed to be quenched from all the appetizers I had previously consumed at the Dunhill party just a few blocks away.

I think live music at any party is by far one of the best additions (a Belvedere Vodka open bar isn’t too shabby either).  Milk Studios always has such an interesting vibe to it.  One never feels suffocated or out of place.  Most events thus far have been at lounges or clubs which can be awkward because one often feels they are just at a “bar” (except for places like Rose Bar, The Box and the recently closed Jane Ballroom-which I hope they re-open soon). Milk Studios is flexible as it’s more of a raw space that allows each host to manipulate and play with the floor design.  This gives such a better feeling to any event hosted there.