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Kate Moss falls apart at GQ Awards Party.


kate-moss-falls-apartWhen a supermodel can’t hold her liquor it can get nasty.

When Kate who had been ‘lunching’ since the early afternoon at Claridges of Mayfair in London, came to the GQ Award party to present awards it was observed that she wasn’t quite all there.Arriving rather late, and having to use a side door instead of the red carpet,she then proceeded to roll her eyes, drop her head and ostensibly start pole dancing with a marble column that was innocently minding its own business.

When it came time to present Lily Allen (who for once was sober) with the coveted woman of the year trophy Lily looked on perturbed as Kate attempted to find some composure as she passed the award to Lily.

Moving onto photo time it was also noticed that Kate was getting increasingly bored, fidgety and in fact when it came time for photos with Lily she couldn’t help but droop her head and waiver.

Resuming her pole dancing and this time nearly having her dress get caught up her knickers, Lily looked on horrified while Kate attended to the ‘fun’ she was having. Probably sensing Kate was having a bit too much fun Kate was then promptly put into a waiting car where she was driven one would hope home.

Guests looked on horrified and Lily herself it is claimed was not one too pleased with her girlfriend’s behavior either.

Oh well, when luncheons drag into the late evening one can appreciate one must allow time for the ‘delicacies’ to settle…

Spotty Kate Moss makes sober Lily Allen cringe as she puts on embarrassing show at GQ Awards

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