Home Scandal and Gossip Woman arrested after cop spots her shooting up heroin whilst driving.

Woman arrested after cop spots her shooting up heroin whilst driving.

Abby Eisner
Abby Eisner

All Abby Elsner wanted was another fix to get her through the afternoon…

A 25 year old woman was arrested after a police officer caught her shooting up heroin whilst driving, leaving her to steer her car with her knees.

The officer became suspicious when he saw Eisner driving with her arms in the air prompting Officer Mark Orick to pull her aside.

Said the officer: ‘I observed she was holding her right forearm in plain view where there was a hypodermic syringe needle sticking out of her arm,’ he said. ‘With her left hand, she was manipulating the needle into her forearm.’

After motioned by the officer to pull over she did but not before an excessive amount of time passed leading one to believe that Eisner was resolute in the fact she was going to be busted and hence better to take the good shit before most likely being arrested.

That’s when Officer Orick also came to find Eisner’s fellow passenger, Shawn Abby who it appeared had also just shot up trying to hide the good shit in her waistband.

The moral of the story? An afflicted soul never thinks about where or how what they are doing but just does it because getting past the point of no return usually trumps all common sense. Then again who said being a drug addict had anything to do with common sense….?


How I learned to love the needle.

Shawn Abby
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