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Kristen Stewart opens up about Robert Pattinson: ‘We’re going to be fine.’

Kristen Stewart.


Kristen Stewart.

Now the proof you have been waiting for: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are really back together.

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Kristen Stewart surprised onlookers yesterday at a press conference when she offered that her and estranged boyfriend Robert Pattinson ‘we’re going to be fine,’ with respect to their upcoming November press conference for the film ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.’

The response was elicited after a reporter asked whether she anticipated any potential awkwardness between her and Mr Patterson in lieu of their committed engagement to appear together in November for the promotion of the next (and final?) installment of the Twilight series in lieu of their recent separation.

Perhaps as an attempt to quell ongoing speculation the actress wearily replied ‘We’re going to be fine.’ And then as an after thought added ‘We’re totally fine.’ 

Of course if one takes into account Ms Stewart’s withered appearance of late and the heavy bags underneath her eyes that statement ought to strike one as an extreme contradiction or at best hope on her part that the two may find a resolution to the strife between them. Or as some have suggested the comment is a subtle hint that she has accepted that her relationship with Mr Pattinson is all but over and that they are now just friends. Whatever friends mean at such a tenuous time given the very heavy media concentration their estrangement has procured.

At the very least her comment connotes that she has no intention of being an albatross when the two come together, yet with the obvious wear and tear now very apparent on the actress time will tell if she will be able to hold her composure and even perhaps broker some sort of positive good will with Mr Pattinson.

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