Home Nightlife Scott Lipps birthday pulls in the hawt bixches at Gansevoort’s Toy restaurant.

Scott Lipps birthday pulls in the hawt bixches at Gansevoort’s Toy restaurant.

Scott Lipps
Scott Lipps to the left

Wednesday night saw a gangly crew of hawt bixches, fashionistas, high cheek bones set, celebrity afficianados and the general jet set cognoscenti attend One Model Management Scott Lipp‘s birthday which was held at the Gansevoort‘s new Toy restaurant.

Acclaimed (what does that word mean anyway?) guests included; Nur Khan, Mick Rock, Stephen Baldwin, Eric Kelly,Ania Cywinska, Eloise Ross and Erin Cullison

For those of you interested in gawking at the shit that went down I’ve linked to socialite and preferred hawt bixch himself, Ricardo Garcia of redhot-societywho was there himself amongst the jet set. You’re bound to enjoy his many colorful pictures.

Nur Khan and Mick Rock
Patrick McMullan to the left

  • PR

    I cant stand the guy either. I work with a PR firm in nyc who will never credential him for any of our events. He walks in with a group of skevy crashers looking to get fed. They don’t even have the decency to dress appropiately. They head right for the bar and catering and if they do a story its too scandalous and crude.

  • Scallywg watchdog

    Poor Christopher Koulouris aka Scallywag head Bixch, it appears that once again he was caught squatting in a Gramercy apartment without paying rent. The computer he was using to post stories for the past year was stolen from an unfortunate contributer . The Aussie ingrate who just dosen’t seem to want to pay his fair share in the world like the rest of us- actually dared challange the eviction claiming his right to live free of charge in an expensive apartment on 201 E 25th St. The owner of the apartment felt sorry for the abhorrent Australian (Koulouris) who was recently kicked out of another apartment , allowed him to stay for a few days until renovations commenced. Those ‘few days’ turned into weeks and now the ingrate is trying to eek out a few months extra free lodging by claiming squatters rights. Readers and potential contributers beware Koulouris is a vile human being, who steals copyrighted intellectual property and calls it his own, but he is a dangerous one as well he has no money and lives off the backs of others with the false promise of bringing prospective enablers internet wealth. If this sounds familier to you I would suggest you call the raquets squad of the NYPD to get his vermon the free lodging he deserves-prison. I would also suggest one calls the US Immigration Dept to inform them on the kinds of people they give out “Residency cards” to. Look out for a blog which is under construction which wil archive all the misdeeds of this internet charlatan as a warning to prospective past, present and future victims.

  • Chase44

    this post sucks, where are the “hawt” bitches..i see old, people and a guy with a cocked eye