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Woman attacked by wolves at Swedish zoo. Dies instantly.


A female zookeeper has died after being attacked by a pack of wolves in a Swedish zoo this morning. The incident happened at Sweden’s Kolmården zoo.

The zoo’s animal director, Mats Höggren has said that the zookeeper, who was experienced was by herself in the pen when the incident occurred as is customary when zoo workers enter the pen area.

At present one witness has stepped forward to state that they witnessed the attack which involved 8 wolves.

thesun.co.uk: Emergency services coordinator Jan Tengeborg told Aftonbladet newspaper: “You can’t just go in to a pack of wolves. Police and ambulance staff couldn’t get close to the victim until later.”

Olof Liberg, wolf expert at Sweden’s University of Agricultural Sciences, said: “It’s very unusual for something like this to happen, but it has happened before.

“Zoo animals aren’t afraid of humans and accidents can happen”.

Mr Liberg said wolves are especially dangerous when a zookeeper goes in to an enclosure alone.

One has to wonder if the apparent dangers of entering a pen enclosure can be eliminated or if this is just one of those blind alleys that has to be negotiated even if the zoo enclosure gives the illusion of containment and normalcy when in fact one is essentially dealing with animals from the wild who have been forced against their preternatural instincts to reckon with their limitations.

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