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Video: Surfer films 100 tiger sharks feasting on dead whale.

Sharks feasting on carcass of dead whale
Sharks feasting on carcass of dead whale

Aussie surfer Rachel Campbell came across a surprise of a lifetime when she set out to collect  shells along Warroora Station, a beach on Australia’s northern most coast. There in front of her lay the carcass of a deceased whale. However it wasn’t the sight of the dead whale that necessarily caught her attention but the maniacal thrashing of an estimated 100 tiger sharks who had come along to feast on the treat.

After filming the sharks she then went onto  poignantly wrote the following in a blog she keeps:

‘Before long I realized there were about 100 sharks in total, some as long as 4m, all in a frenzy over fresh whale flesh. 

‘I have to say that I felt pretty massive playing chicken with waves barely the height of my ankle. You only had to get knee deep and suddenly you’re sharing the same square meter of Indian Ocean with a tiger shark.’

She added: ‘I am well aware of those beasts outside my control. I will still surf here though, because it’s not about merely surviving this ocean, it’s about living and breathing everything that this crazy place has to offer.

‘Let’s just hope those sharks are full for now.’

Such is the inconsistenty of nature, when a myriad of beings, life forms come together, connect, disentangle with the broken pieces skewered by the horizon as life’s victors gorge forever forward. Who can necessarily say who is who as whale, shark and man saunter ever so closely together….

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