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Mother who dumped her baby down garbage chute now seeks job as home health aide.


Laquasia Wright probably wants to make amends but her choice of vocation as part of her plea deal to hold a job after throwing her baby down a garbage chute has stumped onlookers.

nypost: A Brooklyn judge was baffled yesterday when a mother who dumped her newborn down a garbage chute said she is looking for work as a home health aide.

“That’s probably the least appropriate job for her,” Justice Patricia DiMango told Wright and her lawyer. “It defies logic. I don’t think it’s the best choice.”

Logic? Since when does a woman who tosses her newborn baby down a garbage chute regard logic?

Ms Wright’s situation came to light when she tried to toss her newborn down a garbage chute at a Ft Green, Brooklyn housing project. 18 at the time she has since the incident been able to obtain a plea deal which would see her on probation for 5 years and fully employed as well as earn her general equivalency degree.

Prosecutors had extended the offer cause they perceived her as someone they could save but now they’re miffed that she now thinks she can go out and save someone else. Then again maybe she’s just really trying to save herself and come to some sort of penance for her misdeeds.

Laquasia Wright in court


  1. I am heart broken that she received such a slap on the wrist. The Safe Haven Law gives girls like this an opportunity to SAFELY hand their children off without fear of arrest. It is a travesty that she threw him away like garbage and will someday ultimately learn the truth about his first few hours of life. I cried when I heard this story, it literally tore at my heartstrings, this little angel was meant to be here with us. God has something big in store for this little angel. May God continue to keep and bless him.

  2. Another example of a someone who beats the system and gets to live life the way she wants it after hurting a child. Disgusting… She should be in prison for Pete’s sake!!!!

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