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4 hours of panic as JetBlue hydraulic system fails. Vomit everywhere.


“People were getting sick. Some people were throwing up. There were a lot of people getting nauseous.”

The above comment comes courtesy of Tom Mizer, one of the unfortunate passengers on JetBlue flight 155 which suddenly saw its hydraulic system fall apart as it travelled from Las Vegas en route to New York this past Sunday.

The flight carrying up to 155 passengers had quite a few anxious souls as it restlessly careened wildly through the skies, for a period of up to 4 hours as crew members anxiously attempted to calm frayed nerves.

Reflects Mizer as one flight attendant nonchalantly walked down the aisle:

“Look at me — I’m smiling. If I was scared, you would know it. If I’m not scared, you don’t need to be.” 

Of course that’s easier said than done when one is 10 000 feet above air in what amounts to a steel container time bomb.

A passenger's tweet.

Incapable of dumping fuel (the plane was said to be carrying 5 hours worth of fuel) the plane was forced to circle the area south of Vegas dumping fuel before it could return and make a safe landing.

No word as to what sparked the incident, or to what degree JetBlue is at fault (they have in the past had a series of unflattering errors), but once again reminding us that flying as ordinary as it has become for millions, flying still carries some very real hazardous risk. Thankfully the flight attendant who showed off that she was in control can say the same next time something untoward should happen.

At present the FAA is investigating the incident.

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