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The uber rise of Ashley Smith, hawt bixch model.

Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith has been making a steady name for herself in high fashion editorial spreads and big brand name campaigns. The reason why may not be so immediately obvious, but the more you look at this hawt bixch smile, it all becomes apparent. Which is frankly the way I like it- conventional fashion houses and media outlets can go and fxck themselves cause it’s girls like Ashley that really make so many of us gush.

Interestingly in a 2010 interview with fashionista the model goes on to mention that the gaps between her teeth did cause her some unease as a youth, and she had even envisioned fixing it but never had all the money all at once which led to her being plucked out one day at a music festival where she now uses her wonderful eccentric smile to make one assumes a bit of cash and then some.

A true indie favorite and I am personally glad that the bigger media outlets are stepping up and using this un conventional beauty.

Any way here’s a snippet of the latest spread for Ashley via fashioonerogue, which throws up in the air what counts as conventional beauty in the strange world of fashion.

Recent career highlights since being discovered in 2009 include:

Dec 2010

Appears in editorials for Italian Vogue, Russian VogueAllure, and Numero

Appears in i-D editorial, photographed by Paola Kudacki
Becomes the face of T by Alexander Wang
Featured on the cover of French Revue de Modes, photographed by Theirry Le Goues.
FEB 2011
Closes for the fall Vivienne Westwood show in Paris
MAY 2011
Appears in Italian Vogue editorial, photographed by Miles Aldridge.
Signs contract with Diesel Loverdose fragrance
DEC 2011
Appears in Elle editorial, photographed by KT Auleta
Models for the Diesel spring ad campaign



  • Alprevost

    What is it about the modeling industry and girls with messed up teeth with huge gaps. I do not get it. Lara Stone, Vanessa Paradis, Ashley Smith….