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Headless bodies are a fact of life in Mexico these days.

Mexico-headless bodies
[WaPo. Photo: AP]

”]Mexico-headless bodiesNext time you head off to Mexico to get some well earned rest and relaxation be sure to bring an extra plastic bag to scoop the odd headless torso (or even the head itself?) up and off the street. It will help make you look like a sensitive tourist and will serve to keep the streets looking cleaner as them awful Mexicans continue to insensitively massacre each other and make your upcoming holiday an awkward one.

washingtonpost: MEXICO CITY — The two most important criminal organizations in Mexico are engaged in all-out war, and the most spectacular battles are being fought for the cameras as the combatants pursue a strategy of intimidation and propaganda by dumping ever greater numbers of headless bodies in public view — the victims most likely innocents.

Yessiree them Mexicans don’t mess around. Coco pops driveling up your nose (or however way you like to consume the shit) and making you feel very yummy is causing a whole bunch of locals to literally cut each other up to get at your hard earned money.

What was once viewed as extreme is now normal. So these gangs must find new extremes. And the only real limit is their imagination, and you do not want to know what is the limit of psychopaths,” said Alejandro Hope, a security analyst with the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, a nonpartisan think tank.

So why delay? Next time you’re chilling in Mexico, don’t forget to bring your shades, some sun tanning lotion and of course a spare black plastic bag for the occasional headless torso that will be staring back at you as you take in the sweeping vista that is now Mexico.

  • Ben10

    that body still has a head on it!! ive been to mexico twice. i will never go back
    it smells like shit and those beeners are so fuckin shady.