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Caretaker drowns after being consistently attacked by swan.


There are many ways to die, today being mauled by a swan is one of them too…

Villa Park, Ill. According to family and friends of 37 year old Anthony Hensley they have yet to make sense of his senseless death. One thing is for sure, he revered the things that ended up taking his life…

It all began Sunday when Mr Hensley set out to check on nearby swans that his company uses along with dogs to fend off geese from inundating local properties.

Apparently as Mr Hensley approached the swan flock, one of them came up and had a go at him, knocking him off his kayak. Rather than stopping, the swan according to witnesses continued pecking at Mr Hensley who was unable to fend off the bird as he attempted to make it back to shore before eventually succumbing and drowning.

It has been thought that the bird may have simply been protecting a nest area that Mr Hensley unwittingly had come too close to.

Reflects Mr Hensley’s father in law, George Koutsogiannis“Maybe he didn’t fight back enough when the swan attacked him. Maybe he didn’t want to hurt the animal. I can’t understand how this was possible.”

Then again perhaps he just capitulated to exhaustion or simply didn’t know how to swim? Such are the strange and perverse ways to meet ones maker…

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