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Sopranos Sing at LilyHammer preview.

Steve Van Zandt

After the wretched excesses of Art Basel, the Golden Globes and Sundance, the Crosby Hotel was the place to be for Peggy Siegal’s preview and soiree for Netflix dramedy “Lilyhammer”.

The fish out of water series features Soprano Steve Van Zandt as the  witness protected mafioso relocated to the wilds of Norway.

At the bar, we encountered the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen  supporting his E Street Band buddy’s dramatic endeavors.

Also enjoying the champagne fueled festivities were Sopranos’ Lorraine Bracco, Big Pussy Vincent Pastore, Paulie Walnuts Tony Sirico and series creator David Chase.

When asked about the possibility of a Sopranos movie, everyone played it cagey saying probably not.

  • Croozn2004

    There’s gotta’ be a movie. They should merge it with The Wire and come up with something really surprising.