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Cops brutally attack suspect on street and then threaten to pepper spray individual taping incident.


It seems the individual rights of citizens are once again being openly violated in the ongoing debacle called the US Police state.

A new tape has surfaced showing police offers literally beating, pummeling, kicking an unarmed suspect, 19 year old Jatiek Reed, whilst in handcuffs with his face against the ground. This after arresting officers believed  the suspect  to be dealing in crack cocaine and initially resisting approaching officers.

With up to 5 police officers now violently beating him, whilst held on to the floor, one can hardly believe what they are witnessing with even one officer urging his fellow officers to desist. To no avail.

Noticing that they are now being videotaped by an onlooker of the officers then moves towards them with a can of pepper spray threatening to spray them if they do not ‘move away.’

The victim’s family have also gone on to go on to assert that upon being arrested Jatiek Reed wasn’t offered any medical assistance in light of the gravity of his injuries and in fact when they later went to the local precinct demanding answers found themselves being arrested.

The offending officers (all assigned to the 42nd Precinct in Tremont) are currently on unpaid leave and being investigated by internal affairs.

In case you are curious about the physical damage that Jatiek Reed, sustained, here is an inventory. Try not to throw up:

Staples in his head

Staples in his arm

Back battered black and blue

Both eyes black and blue unable to open.

Sometimes telling the difference between a police officer and a criminal is but a slight of hand.


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