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What’s wrong with this photo of 4 police officers guarding a private bank?

What's wrong with this picture?

This is what arrived in my email box today:


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From: Private Citizen
Date: Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 1:40 PM
Subject: From Private Citizen

Chris..hope this is still your email,

Thought u would find it interesting. What I saw today in real main St America.  Taken in zip code 63105. Seriously 4 cops guarding the door of bank of America from elderly & a child. I’m calling the popo now to bitch, crime is on the rise in my hood !!!
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Hmm, how many cops do you have standing around guarding you?- Chris.

Photo just taken outside Bank of America in Clayton, Missouri 63105 with four police officers guarding the door of a bank while crime is increasing in the neighborhood. This is your tax dollars at work people.


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  • Funny you should mention this, as I just left my place of business where we have several police officers directing traffic for a big event in Cincinnati, OH. We pay them. They’re sworn police officers, so they’re in full uniform, but they’re working a private event and are paid by us. Most police officers are allowed to work private events in full uniform and are paid for by the companies that hire them.

    So, I suppose it’s possible that these officers are on duty, but it’s a lot more likely that Bank of America decided to hire them. A police officer on duty would probably agree that four of them was overkill. This isn’t really newsworthy unless you know for a fact that they’re on duty. Otherwise, they’re rent-a-cops (Hey, guess where that saying comes from? Cops. You can rent them.)