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Portobello Rd Chic. London Fashionistas at play.

Photography by Dan Stern.

Kids it’s been since a while since this scoundrel lived off Portobello Rd back in the early 90’s. A typical Saturday morning would involve a stroll from the top of the hill by Ladbroke Grove checking out the antiques with tea in hand (yes a splash of cream please) and from there a casual stroll until one got to the op stalls and vendors and of course those uber dressed kids with a pint in their hands. Not much has changed it seems though except for the tourists making it that more expensive…and the trendy set making it their weekend haunting ground.

As always a big cheerio to Dan Stern for passing us on these pictures. Please be sure to check out this wonderful geezer’s work at streetfashionmonitor where he hobnobs all over the world shooting tre chic street fashion.

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