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Husband chops off wife’s fingers to stop her from studying for her degree.


Bangladesh. In a further negating sign of the treatment of women in Islamic faiths, a husband, Rafiqul Islam is said to have blindfolded his wife, Hawa Akhter on the pretense that he had a present for her. He then taped her mouth (which should have alerted the woman something was amiss) and then methodically began to chop off all five fingers. To ensure no possible chance that the woman’s fingers could be re attached via surgery the husband then instructed a relative who was standing by to dispose of the women’s fingers in the rubbish.

According to police reports the husband had warned his wife for some time to give up her studies but she had nevertheless insisted on her studies to the chagrin of her husband who felt humiliated given his lowly education and the threat that now a woman might have superior education and earnings power in the household. Something that isn’t exactly relished in Islamic culture or openly endorsed. In fact quite the opposite,as a woman is constantly reminded her place is that behind of her husband, which to some degree must have informed the husband of his actions.

As of press the husband, who until recently had been a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates has been taken into custody as human rights groups have sought to have him serve life imprisonment for his heinous act. Hawa Akhter to her credit who will be left permanently disfigured has vowed to continue her  studies and has begun learning how to write in left hand. Indeed.


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  • Guest

    Umm in Islam, our prophet’s wife was an older wealthy businesswoman who made way more money than him. This is terrible journalism. Absolutely no fact checking to back these claims up. This man’s actions were insane, he deserves jail time. However, he is not the average representation of Islam. All this man is, is a chauvinist pig. His being a Muslim had little to do here. He was jealous of her.

  • Enigmakalam3

    please get your sentences and views right. This is NOT Islamic treatment towards women. It is just a personal insanity and ignorance.