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Being in homeless in Hungary will now set you back $600. Go figure…

Downtown Budapest.
Downtown Budapest.

Seems being down and out in Hungary will see you really feeling the pinch going forward. In response to a growing epidemic of homelessness Hungary’s ruling conservative party (should this surprise you?) have proposed a levy to the tune of $600 to those who are found to be homeless. Of course as much as this might dissuade individuals from verging too far into the abyss, collecting said sum from the homeless promises to be a loathsome and useless idea (after all one assumes if you had money you wouldn’t be homeless unless of course being homeless is your cup of tea?).

Then again aware of this roadblock the ruling mp’s have offered the following caveat: pay or go to directly to jail. Which in a perverse way might encourage more homelessness as individuals mull the government’s offer of free accommodation of course with the caveat of being a held house guest. Oh well…

As of press, the author of the proposed law, Mate Kocsis, refuses to budge on his position, whilst a series of demonstrations against the law have been planned.

(although the below video is in Hungarian, the visuals drive the point home…)


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  1. Yet another childish law passed in Hungary; a country with much more pressing concerns.  Of course, let’s not address the solution but instead a punishment.  Politically, we’re talking immaturity.

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