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Devorah Rose to Salman Rushdie; ‘Let’s get real, you were pursuing me!’

From Devorah Rose's twitter page: What's the expression? Oh yes, it looks like Salman is grinning like the Cheshire cat with the canary between its teeth...'

Breaking news Monday afternoon:

Will she resign? Social Life Magazine Society Editor Demands Devorah Rose vacate her office or he will.

Monday morning reaction:

Devorah Rose: Women’s advocate against abuse that cried wolf.

latest development Sunday lunchtime:

Devorah Rose comes back slinging hard- ‘men will just make you feel bad about yourself.’

Saturday afternoon post:

Devorah Rose: The Make Believe World of a Social Parasite.

Breaking news Friday lunchtime:

Infuriated Salman Rushdie now threatens to sue ‘loud mouth’ Devorah Rose.

Yesterday’s update: Devorah Rose- Shameless social climber or a misunderstood cover model?

Kids no sooner have I packed the sharpening knives for thanksgiving now I am forced to bring them back out. Why you wonder? To help extricate the fabrication that ladies man Salman Rushdie was being preyed and set upon by Ms Devorah Rose as page 6 allude to when in fact, he has been clearly pursuing her for some time now:

Facebook communication that Ms Devorah Rose provided us.

But our beleaguered ladies man decided to sing another song to Page Six“She is making too much of a casual acquaintance,” he said. After a meal at Indochine, Rose had tweeted, “Great times w @SalmanRushdie. Come back to the states soon so that we can have a do-over.” Rushdie told us, “I’d just like to express my personal embarrassment about your story today linking me with Ms. Devorah Rose. There is not, and will not be anything between Ms. Rose and myself. I am mortified that her Twitter feed suggests otherwise.”

To portray Ms Rose as the aggressor and as our ‘friends’ (blah) page 6 as a saucy aficionado on the prowl is furthest from the truth. Then again this is Murdoch’s media reaching for the tawdry as per usual. Mortified? Oh dear Salman dear, I must say in this instance I am mortified with the candor that you make your assertions as the following communications in my hands indicate that YOU dear insisted on the outings with Ms Rose. Please follow this way ladies and gentlemen…

Second piece of evidence (via twitter):  19 Sept: Why hello there Ms D. FB or suchlike…

One assumes after their initial outing, courtesy of Mr Rushdie, were an extremely pleasant one or else he wouldn’t continue asking Devorah out to dinner. I swear from where I am sitting I can see the sweat beads pouring out of Mr Rushdie’s carefully wrapped repose…

But here is my question kids, why would a man who’s trying his hardest to be disassociated with Ms Rose be trying so admirably to get to know her? Could there be a hidden motive? Before I reveal Rushdie’s motive lets move on to the next piece of evidence.

Next tweet from Salman:

salman;  1 Oct: thanks honey! It was fun tonight I thought.

Kids, does this sound like a man who’s running for the hills and is devastated to be associated with Ms Rose? Could it possibly be that Mr Rushdie is trying to protect his skin from a newly single Padma Lakshmi that he once again seeks to reignite favors with now that her billionaire boyfriend that she left him for has passed away? Or are we to believe that Mr Rushdie suddenly remembered that he is a public figure who oughtn’t be seen having too much of a good time or best seen repenting the idea that he favors the company of fine ladies? Coming from the fact that his former flames have said that Rushdie is obsessed with Padma, I think it’s obvious that the former is what is going on.

Please Mr Rushdie, let’s own up to something- it’s all right to have dinner dates, we all have them, but to publicly disavow our dinner dates the next morning for personal currency hardly makes one for appealing dinner company. Which is my way of saying should you seek my company for dinner one night I am afraid I will be out of town, lest I wake up the next morning and read in some tawdry journal that I am now the bane of your existence. Although to be fair to you Mr Rushdie, you do have a very vivid imagination which I must implore you to continue using when it comes to writing your novels. Amen.

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  1. “Isabel” ha ha. You need to examine what was written more closely about Devorah Rose. Horrible names?..  or simply outlining a course of conduct well documented and in some cases rather disturbing (see:The Anorexia Diaries?) in leading periodicals and by casual and not so casual observers over the last X number of years? The NY Times in a piece written by Laura Holson has called her “A Celebrity of Her Own Making” while I have mostly restrained myself from commenting and at one point actually tried to defend Ms. Rose’s Fame Game, relative to that of others in this city. There is a whole web site devoted to this type of activity: FameGame.com 

    Devorah Rose’s quest to rise up the charts by any means necessary, including the sand bagging of as many unsuspecting people higher up on the human food chain or with a more significant fame quotient, like well known author and ladies man Salman Rushdie has been widely documented. It is her M.O. Everyone knows it.  DR is hardly the one only doing this. Socialite Transformers could be the name of her Reality TV Show (assuming she gets one)  because she literally looks like a different person each year. Ongoing plastic surgery and less invasive enhancements have literally transformed and continue to transform the one who has referred to herself as “Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised” (how she has referred to herself on her own aptly titled blog). While some may commend the upstart Jewish socialite for her persistence, it is hardly a heady or noble life pursuit. As one confidante shared with me, folks like these in endless pursuit of reality fame are oblivious to the entire REAL world: inept and corrupt politicians, the evaporated middle class, destabilized financial system under the control of financial oligarchs and the impending economic collapse of America. America is being extracted. But DR sat next to Salman Rusdie and exchanged texts and simply had to insure that her brief and fleeting association went viral. As further stated to me privately by a casual observer who tuned into this melodrama: “It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these people will go for ‘status’ in the make-believe construct of their social microcosm.”

    Fact is that the image herein hardly looks like that representative or indicative of some massive romance, deeply formed alliance or any kind of significant intimate relationship between Devorah Rose and Salman Rusdie.

    And in terms of Christopher Koulouris’s remarks, all I can say is that I contribute editorial commentary and photos to Social Life Magazine, a collaborative effort among many, even if only one who is ‘Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised’  stands out front claiming responsibility for it all. I wish my Editor in Chief were Cristina Greeven Cuomo  or someone of that ilk, who commands attention with her creativity, media savvy (to promote something other than herself) and intellectual spirit as much as for her good looks, grace, manners, style and lineage. That is unfortunately not the case.

  2. Wow, Chris – you’re a really angry, hateful person.  Instead of calling Devorah Rose all kind of horrible names, why don’t you make something of your own life?  And as far as Salman Rushdie goes, that guy has lost all kinds of respect for badmouthing Devorah when her tweet was totally innocuous. Good for Devorah.  I’m glad she’s standing up for herself and showing people the truth.

  3. Hmm, and to think I believed Miccah Jesse all along too! What is going on in society kids? Ps- Last time I checked isn’t Mr Christopher London, Social Life Magazine’s Society Editor? The same journal that Ms Rose is editor in chief of? What is going on?

  4. Have things really gotten that bad for Salman? You are thinking poor soul right? Some how I doubt it. Someone talked or posed sitting next to Devorah and now she thinks folks actually wanna phuck her? Niggah please. Even she knows better. This hardly looks like a representative image of some massive romance, deeply formed alliance or one even suggesting any kind of intimate relationship between the two. The talented writer, meaning Rusdhie, has had his hands full with some of the world’s most beautiful women and is an intense intellectual. You do not go from Padima Lakshmi to DR. No way. No how; not even if you are paying by the hour.

    This is “star fucking” without the actual fucking. Capische? Like a scheming Forrest Gump, DR is selling you out at hello. DR’s page of life is filled with photos standing next to just the right people at the right time (when she needs publicity). She is hardly the only one, blogger poseur/blogger Micah Jesse has devoted his young life to photographing himself standing next to celebrities while reading from a script handed to him by a commercial sponsor of his own or the celeb and calls himself a social journalist rather than aspiring buffoon. Wait he has actually accomplished being a buffoon in fairness to him. Anyone who has ever taken more than two photos with a working camera and not their iPhone, knows exactly what this is, a pose by DR next to someone famous to make it look like she is the object of said famous person’s desire or that she has an intimate and personal relationship with him. Highly doubtful. And for the record, plenty of dudes wake up the next morning and think WTF was I doing. Things look far different in the morning light, after you have had your coffee and bowed to the porcelain god.

    Advice to celebs who get asked to take a photo next to a “Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised aspiring Socialite” think twice. And to those who intend to sell out their prey at hello, if you are going to be a star fucker, at least don some knee pads, get under the table and get to work.

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