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Salman Rushdie after the love is gone.


salmanWhen a writer can’t find the love he needs.

Out of the NY Post(Gutter) comes the tear jerker involving famed novelist Salman Rushdie and his dysfunctional love life.

The latest involves the mess involving Pia Glenn, acclaimed Broadway actress who (unfortunately for her) got involved with the brooding 62 year old writer only to be dumped by him a year later after she resisted his continual outpouring of grief involving his past marriage (his 4th) to beauty Padma Lakshmi.

The broadway actress claims Rushdie is still obsessed with his beautiful ex-wife, Padma Lakshmi, and talks about her day and night.

“I told him I wanted children, and he was happy with that. He asked me to move in, and we talked about the future . . . Of course I had heard about his reputation as a womanizer, but I wanted to judge him for myself.”

Salman is definitely on the roll and is hot to trot so it seems.

But disaster was only around the corner, and what Salman wants is what Salman gets-

“We had a few fights, and he would get angry and it would be difficult to calm him down,” she continued. “We had a fight in London, but when I left, he said, ‘See you in 48 hours.’ When I landed, he had sent me an e-mail saying it was over. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

In the end we still have Salman still there, brooding, wondering about all the distress he has caused, the distress caused to him and all those beautiful women waiting to break into his life or escape it.

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