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Devorah Rose rumored to be a party animal…


For all of you out there that think that Ms Devorah Rose is a sublime little Ms Innocent, I’ve got some news for you. She’s a little rocker. Guest at rock legend Bernard Fowler‘s shin ding at the Canal room (he’s Rolling Stones back up singer, and the old man in the picture below is his boss Keith Richards…blah) last night saw the chanteuse clawing in her tight leather pants and making the groan boys cry. Me? I just smiled and made sure the camera was trained on her highness…

Oh dear, what’s a scoundrel to do, woe to the little diva’s who nearly feinted when we walked into McDonald’s later that evening, and died when Ms Rose stretched her cat legs while she waited for her chicken McNuggets.

What’s a chanteuse to do after all…?

And all the Society bloggers came to Joonbug’s and Fashion Indie’s prom.

Happy birthday Ms Devorah Rose.

CW’s High Society gets the green light for season 2 but now needs new characters. But who will fill the void?

Devorah Rose: Villainess or Victim?

Bernard Fowler
Devorah Rose and Liam McMullan
Keith Richards.
Tyler Burrow and Brittany Olsen

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    I love Devorah. She’s so fucking sexy and its always a good time with her.