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Devorah Rose comes back slinging hard- ‘men will just make you feel bad about yourself.’

Social Life Magazine's Editor in Chief Ms Devorah Rose. Opportunist or just misunderstood?
Social Life Magazine's Editor in Chief Ms Devorah Rose. Opportunist or just misunderstood?

Breaking news Monday afternoon:

Will she resign? Social Life Magazine Society Editor Demands Devorah Rose vacate her office or he will.

Monday morning reaction:

Devorah Rose: Women’s advocate against abuse that cried wolf.

The quote of the weekend courtesy of Sunday’s page 6: She didn’t put out, so he screwed her — in the press.

The public crucification of Mr Salman Rushdie and all men who dare not play to certain women’s ulterior games continues unabated…

Kids not 7 minutes since I’ve come out of the shower where I carefully moisturized my locks and applied myself a cucumber scrub as solace to the mud racking I was privy to this past week comes more mud throwing courtesy of low brow behavior the doyen of high society- Ms Devorah Rose in this morning’s page 6:

“Hanging out with him, you kind of feel like you’re with a 5-year-old genius,” Rose told The Post in an exclusive sit-down interview at her Manhattan apartment.

“You’re at dinner, and he’s eating and basically hanging out with your boobs. His mind is smart, but his actions are infantile. His behavior is beastly.”

This off the back of Mr Rushdie taking to page 6  recently to publicly denounce all said associations with the Social Life magazine editor in chief after he came to the realization that he was ostensibly being used by Ms Rose to score social points via her association with him. This after Ms Rose tweeted this picture below of them supposedly having a private dinner at NYC’s Indochine

This is the image Ms Rose to the left twittered which was then picked up and published by page 6. Mr Rushdie is on the right, at the time unaware of the storm that was awaiting him.

Now that I’ve inhaled three back to back Marlboro lights it’s time to once again examine the dilemma known as ‘if I’m a woman looking for as much public exposure as possible off the back of a literary giant (Salman Rushdie) and if he reacts by retracting my friendship for full public view on page 6 what alternatives do I have to wipe the tears off my softly sanded manicured face?’

Opines Ms Rose in today’s page 6 (really Ms Smith you are more infatuated with Devorah than I am…): ‘He’s a hurtful person. His was sadistic, violating behavior. I’m never again going to look up to someone I’m not close to. It doesn’t matter if a man is your idol, if a man makes you feel bad, you need to stand up for yourself. Women need to have a no-jerk policy. Women can’t let men play games with them. I just want girls to know they need to speak out and this type of behavior is not OK,’ she said. 

Excuse me whilst I reach for my mouthwash but am I to believe that had I been in this position as the spurned lover, as a male, would I be getting one zillionth of the attention Ms Rose is? What is it about our culture that treats men as hideous sadistic creatures who only want your sex ladies? Had the roles been reversed would we now be snuggling with Mr Salman Rushdie- ‘Poor chap, you didn’t get laid, what a rueful conniving opportunist that Ms Rose is?”

Could you imagine the headline: ‘Salman Rushdie to sue socialite for failure to get laid.’

Granted a woman must stand up for her rights as must we men, but what are we to think when a social parasite (sorry Devorah, I’m now willing to take your calls if you must reach out) insistently chimes that she was brutalized?

Brutalized? Really? Mr Rushdie chose to sever ties with you (he has that right has he not?) and you are now brutalized? What about all those women who are physically beaten up, deprived of their children due to hostile divorces what are we



  1. I’m still nauseous over the abuse statement. Yes. Where is that mouthwash? Honestly, I would love to see her sued by Rushdie. And in a civil suit by women that have truly been abused, since she disgracefully makes a mockery of domestic violence to the Press. And Emily? She sat on my story after Tara Palmeri begged me for my court records? Just to continue writing about Emma and Dev’s? I had little respect for Emily before, I have none now.

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