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Devorah Rose: The Make Believe World of a Social Parasite.

Ms Devorah Rose modeling for UK magazine

Breaking news Monday afternoon:

Will she resign? Social Life Magazine Society Editor Demands Devorah Rose vacate her office or he will.

Monday morning reaction:

Devorah Rose: Women’s advocate against abuse that cried wolf.

latest development Sunday lunchtime:

Devorah Rose comes back slinging hard- ‘men will just make you feel bad about yourself.’

The article that begins directly below this preamble appears in Mr Christopher London’s blog; christopherlondonblog. I heartily suggest you visit his blog to get an insider’s point of view of the goings on and fallacies of society, philanthropy and government. You may or may not agree with him, but at least he will challenge you to reconsider your held position.

That said as the Society editor of Social Life Magazine where the current madame of contention, Ms Devorah Rose resides as its Editor in Chief has been eliciting widespread attention of late  I decided that Mr London’s take on the paradox of being an overtly ambitious young woman who has managed time after time to offend those that she curries advantage and favors with (including myself) deserved close examination from someone who has witnessed her rise and perhaps her fall these last 4 years. See what you think- social parasite or just overtly ambitious player who can’t help tripping over herself?- Scallywag.


Devorah Rose, the Upstart Jewish Socialite, is in the headlines once again for reportedly having some sort of liaison or relationship with Salman Rushdie, famed author of the ‘Satanic Verses’. The‘Celebrity of Her Own Making’ tweeted a suggestive messagealluding to relationship of import with the long time beau of Padma Lakshmi.

Given the character that I have witnessed of Miss Devorah Rose, this is what I find most unbelievable from the NY Post article referencing the alleged relationship between the world class author Salman Rushdie and ‘Crazed Reality Star [wannabe]’:

Rushdie says Rose mistook a “casual acquaintance” for more. But she tells us Rushdie chased her for months, with dinner invitations and Facebook messages, while she was “pursuing an intellectual relationship.”

“He’s much older than me,” Rose told us. “It was so disheartening. I looked up to him. [I thought he was] charming and intelligent . . . I don’t want this to happen to other girls.”

Devorah Rose, a ‘Celebrity of Her Own Making’ has been ’clawing her way up’ the social ladder for years, worshipping at the alter of fame like some kind of Satanic ritual.  In my opinion, her Dracula like blood lust for

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